Thursday, December 24, 2009

Terribly Tortured Logic

Actually, there is no logic at all to this.

To claim this is the greatest social achievement of our time is arrogant and just plain wrong. The greatest social BLUNDER, maybe, but there is no achievement here. As has been pointed out at this site and numerous others, Obamacare does nothing to fix the problems inherent in American Healthcare, but rather, sets the stage for a European-style social-welfare state.

Regarding the 2000 election comes this piece of revisionist history:

Mobs of chanting conservatives harassed Gore at his residence day after day. Another such mob intimidated Miami canvassers into abandoning a recount then seen as potentially decisive. The left met all this with a shrug.

I'm sorry...the reference for this came from where? It is background, I suppose, but also evidence of the agenda of lies that permeates the Left.

The denouement of the health care debate has brought about a similar moment in the political culture. The opponents of the bill are full of passionate intensity. The right, of course, is subsumed in rage and paranoia.

Really? In what way is the Right paranoid? In our belief that this is a prelude to Socialized Medicine? TCO himself has proclaimed that as the end game. Or maybe our belief that this bill has no provisions to actually improve healthcare and make it more affordable (it doesn't).

In the interest of time - you can read the article, you don't need me to - there is one commenter to the article with incredibly tortured logic:

However, the Constitution does say that Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare. This is captured in the following esoteric passage: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes ... to ... provide for the ... general Welfare ...."

Progressive income taxation, which taxes welathier indiviuals at a higher rate, is plainly a "wealth transfer" in the way you mean -- that is, it "redistributes wealth." Whenever we have had an income tax in this country, enacted pursuant to this constitutional authority, ...

The commenter clearly does not understand what is meant Constitutionally by the passage he butchers for his own gain. The term welfare, as used in the Constitution means "prosperity". From a Constitution site: Welfare in today's context also means organized efforts on the part of public or private organizations to benefit the poor, or simply public assistance. This is not the meaning of the word as used in the Constitution.

Further, income tax was not authorized until the 16th Amendment in 1913.

But, this is what we get when we fail to pay attention for 50 years.

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