Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Continuing Hypocrisy

Dad29 had a post today that got me thinking about all the hypocrisy coming from the Left.  If there is a consequence of an activity of which they do not approve, they squeal like pigs.  But the same consequence of an approved activity is no big deal.  I have already pointed out president Obama's illegal war for oil, and other various hypocrisies.  They seem to fall into categories that I have not yet completely cataloged.  Here are some:


  • Birds killed due to oil spills, bad.  Birds killed due to wind big deal.
  • Science supporting (alleged) AGW, beyond reproach.  Science refuting (alleged) AGW, tainted by "Corporate Interests".
  • Drilling for oil off the Brazilian coast, good.  Off the US coast, bad.
  • Cuba, Russia, China and Venezuela drilling for oil within 50 miles of US waters, good.  Drilling for our own, bad.
  • Big house  with big carbon footprint, bad....unless you are a rich Lefty like AlGore, any number of Hollywood types, a get the picture.
  • Traveling by jet, bad....unless you are Nancy Pelosi.  Then it's private jet all the way.

  • Paying taxes to support the (unconstitutional) welfare state, good.  To support (completely constitutional) National Defense, bad
The Constitution

  • Free Speech, good...except for speech the Left doesn't like.
  • Freedom to practice your religion as you please, good...except for Christianity
  • Freedom to own and carry firearms...bad....unless you are a Lefty.
  • Freedom to assemble.....except for those damn Teabaggers 
Sexual Harrassement
  • Taking sexual advantage of a subordinate, bad.....unless you are Bill Clinton
You get the point.

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Dad29 said...

Freedom to own and carry firearms...bad....unless you are a Lefty

Well, actually..."unless you are Internal Security Forces..."