Thursday, April 21, 2011

If This Is Really How The Left Thinks.....

the battle will be short and decisive.

Apparently, the true believers are exactly that.  Unable to see the potential that they are wrong, they continue to explain it away by saying it's that the message is not being grasped by the unwashed masses (that's us, folks).  The belief is that we are in denial and unwilling to "come to Gaia".  Reasons?  (Excuses)

  • The greenies have been outspent by the evil coal and oil companies ("Koch"'s easier to spell than "Halliburton") and the evil manufacturers.
  • Too much "inside the beltway" strategy.  I argue that would have been their best strategy.  They'd likely be shot in some parts of this country with those kinds of ideas.
  • A miscasting of the problem, i.e., not enough fear and hysteria, apparently.
  • (E)nvironmental groups should have focused on pain-free policies to boost innovation and make clean energy cheaper—by, say, funding R&D on a Manhattan Project-esque scale. we can subsidize failure on a grander scale?
How about we try this, wacko Lefty eco-nut-jobs:
  • Years and years of "chicken little" pronouncements that never came true.
  • Obvious mischaracterizations and lies in movies like An Inconvenient Truth
  • Telling us "the debate is over" before it even began
  • Global Warming Summits attended by the elites who arrived in private jets and were carried around in air-conditioned limos
You are hypocrites.  That's why you are losing the debate.  We are not stupid.

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