Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wisconsin - Banana Republic

Is Wisconsin now a Banana Republic?

It certainly makes sense that the Left would use this recount to delay Prosser's seating.  If we follow the timeline, it certainly falls into place.

  • Protests and threats to bully Republican State Senators away from the budget repair bill (didn't work).
  • Democrat State Senators fleeing the state to prevent a vote on the Budget Repair Bill.
  • Recalls against Republican State Senators who were doing that for which they were elected.
  • Judge Sumi illegally interfering with the legislative process.
  • Kloppenburg declaring victory with a margin of 200-plus votes (also calling on Prosser to concede), but demanding a recount with Prosser holding a lead of over 7300 votes.
The very idea of Walker's agenda becoming the law of the land has the Left so panicked they will attempt anything, legal or illegal to prevent it.  Once this all falls out and they fail, you can expect not just protests, but violence in the streets.  Guaranteed.

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