Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

Went to see Atlas last night.  I was pleased.  It was faithful to the book, but short on some details.  The development of the relationship between D'Anconia and the Taggarts (especially Dagny) was not adequately detailed.  D'Anconia's character lacked the passion of the book character and his speech on the "evils" of money was badly truncated - I felt it was a pivotal point in the book.  Reardon, Dagny and the rest were as I envisioned them in the book (except I thought Dagny would be brunette).  The movie was updated from the 1950's era book, but I thought the CGI was excellent.  In the book, it was Reardon's mother, not Lillian's, right?

Go see it.  It was worth the trip.

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