Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Have To Apologize

I saw a Prius (let's call it a "Pious") today on the freeway with the "Wisconsin Fist".  I absolutely lost control.  I screamed, I "fingered", I used 4-letter words.  It felt good.

But it didn't do the cause any good.  I will refrain as best I can when I run across thugs again.


The Born Again American said...

I know that "cash for clunkers" got rid of the vast majority of "Obama" bumperstickers, but every once in a while I still run across them... When I can, I try to stop at a red light beside them and getting their attention, I ask "did you vote for Obama"? When they say "yes", I just reply "thanks a lot A**HOLE"...

Dad29 said...

I screamed, I "fingered", I used 4-letter words. It felt good.

Whaddya mean, "lost control"?

You didn't run him off the road, didja?