Monday, January 31, 2011

Oscar Thinks Illegal Is OK

Look.  I "get" that many people came here illegally, had babies and those babies are citizens by birth.  To claim this is just absurd:

But here's some description that adherents of a growing movement would prefer: Foreigners. Anchor babies. Illegals. Unwelcome. In other words, get the hell out; you don't belong. You never have.

And this?  NOBODY thinks this is a good idea:

Among the proposals is a two-tier citizenship scheme - a birth certificate for those born of natives and another for those born of certain immigrants. Not so much a scarlet letter but a whole lot of scarlet certificates. About 8% of the 4.3 million U.S. born babies in 2008 were born of "unauthorized immigrants," according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Oscar is just looking to cherry pick.  The fact is, most of us are against illegal immigration and believe that "anchor babies" are not a good enough reason to let someone who has come here illegally stay.  There must be a penalty, not a reward.  This is why I oppose the DREAM Act among other things.  If the children are citizens, the children should stay.  Their parents should go back and wait in line.  Do that a few times and the problem goes away.  Yeah, it's harsh.  Stupidity should hurt.

The message is clear. If people don't look like most of us, close the door. I wish I could say this was new.

More race-baiting by Oscar.  In 2011, this is a bigger steaming pile than ever before.  I know of no one  who is against Hispanic immigrant because they "don't look like us".  I know of many who are against illegal immigrants of all stripes.

Oscar again mis-characterizes the issue and wants us all to feel sorry.  I don't.  

Oscar:  Do you feel the same about other illegal activities?  You are ok with you car being stolen or your home burglarized?  I didn't think so.

Secure the border.  After that, all things are negotiable.  Until then, none are.

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