Thursday, January 13, 2011

For "Smart People"...

They're really dumb.  Evidence:

Gun Control - the very idea that some kind of control over guns is going to end "gun violence" ("gun violence"?  Is that a boxing match between a .45 and a 9mm?) is absurd.  Bad Guys use guns to do Bad Things.  Bad Guys don't care about the law.  That's why we call them "Bad Guys".

"World Peace" - Protesting in the United States over "World Peace" is another absurdity.  It assumes that the United States is the leading cause of war in the world.  This neglects the megalomaniacs in Africa and the Middle East.  It ignores the hatred Iran has toward Israel.  It ignores the tyrannical regime in NoKo, which cannot maintain power without the perpetual "enemy" of the South.

Big Government - Belief that "Big Government" can meet every human need, that Socialism will create some type of paradise on Earth flies in the face of history.  Every government which has amassed strong central power has used it to oppress their people.  The Greek and Roman Republics did not; the Socialist paradises of China, The USSR, and Cuba murdered their political opponents and starved their people for decades.

Evolution - Treating the theory of evolution as "fact" is again, absurd.  These are the people who say, "Question Authority", but are unable to question their own orthodoxy.

There are many more examples.  These are but a few.  Feel free to leave more in the combox.

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