Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nice Job, Jim

Hoft over at Gateway is well on his way to taking the Conservative landslide of 2010 and turning it back over to the Dems and assorted Leftists in 2012.

Reince Priebus engineered a takeover of Wisconsin government from a well-entrenched and well-funded Democrat Party by a bunch of TEA Party-backed Conservatives, many of the no-name variety.  I do not know Priebus personally, but know many REAL Conservatives who think very highly of him.

ThinkProgress is already trying to claim he's a RINO (think about that...a Prog site is trying to get us to believe Priebus is a RINO...think?) because the Law Firm he worked for (Michael Best and Friedrich) lobbied for stimulus, and claims Obamacare is Constitutional.  But Priebus WORKS for the firm.  He does not own the firm.  Further, law firms do their client's bidding.  Priebus had nothing to do with either of these.  To claim he is a RINO based on these is as absurd as saying one is a RINO if he works for GE or the company for which he works has government contracts.

TP also claims Priebus was "implicated in voter caging".  This is a lie, plain and simple.  He was accused of involvement in alleged voter caging, but the fact is this was a private endeavour to show evidence of voter fraud.  For TP to infer that voter fraud in Wisconsin is a figment of someone's imagination shows either TP's failure to bother with researching facts, or their intentional misleading of their readers.  Voter fraud is well-documented in Wisconsin.  In 2008, nearly 5000 more votes were cast in Milwaukee than there are voter registrations.

Hoft and Gateway Pundit can decide they will kill this goose, but it will relegate Conservatives to the wilderness for generations.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

I wonder if you aren't overestimating the power or relevance of the RNC?

The RNC did nothing at all to help Scott Brown in January 2012 until the 11th hour and after hundreds of Tea Party people, myself included, called and specifically asked that they send money and support to Brown's campaign. They totally missed the boat on a lot of other elections, too, including NY23. After that, we just did it ourselves.

They're hugely in debt, in no small part because the Tea Party and citizen conservatives wised up and stopped sending donations to any GOP org (often including state ones!) but sent it instead to individual candidates or trusted PACs (like Sarah Palin's). I really don't see how Jim, or the RNC itself for that matter, has the power or influence to relegate conservatives anywhere for any amount of time, let alone to the wilderness for generations.

Deekaman said...

We Conservatives have been talking about taking over the GOP locally and nationally for a long time. Priebus positions the Conservative movement to do that nationally. We have to stop putting up guys like McCain, Bush (both), Romney, Huckabee or some other "electable" guy as President.
I don't really care about getting the RNC out of debt, but I do care about making sure the ONLY party that gives Conservatives SOME ability to have a majority on a Federal level is led by a Conservative, or at least someone who is sympathetic to the Conservative movement. Otherwise, we get more BO, Pelosi, Ried and RINOs in DC.

So we can undermine Priebus right out of the box, or we can see if he does on a national level what he's done here in Wisconsin. I'm confident, having seen him work here, that you will see a large change in the national GOP.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I understand. I make the same argument for supporting Speaker Boehner. ;)

Deekaman said...

Indeed. It is incumbent on us to support Boehner, while holding his feet to the fire at the same time. I suspect the Blue Bloods of the GOP think we are going to go away. They are mistaken. ;-)