Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deface The Nation


This is amazing.  Blaming Bush for the deficit?  Wasserman-Schultz is either stupid or a liar.  Weiner is a Wiener.  I thought Kelley kicked his ass and hope he continues to do so in this session.  You can also see what the Democrat plan is.  Same as always:scare the Seniors.  "Republicans want to take away your Social Security and Medicare".  The GOP better figure this one out and counter it quickly.  It's clear where Harry Smith stands as well.  It is well worth the watch to see the Democrats lie through their teeth.  "1,000,000 jobs"?  Where did THAT come from?  Are you kidding me?  Again, Wasserman-Schultz is fabricating stuff.

I just lose my mind over this stuff.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Actually, she's both stupid and a liar. Typical leftie pawn who's been fooled into thinking she's a player.