Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Garbage In-Garbage Out

The year 3000?  We really think we can look 1000 years into the future with any accuracy at all?  With climate models that can't even model past climate with any degree of accuracy?

Marshall, lead researcher Nathan Gillett of the government agency Environment Canada, and their colleagues 

Follow the link and you will find that Dr. Nathan Gillett is at University of East Anglia.  Yea, THAT University of East Anglia.  The UEA of "Hide the decline" and "nature trick".  The Climate Research Unit.  The one that wouldn't exist if they didn't continue to hype catastrpohic Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption Climate Challenge.  The inability to stick with one term and one argument is reason enough to dispute all this.  Add in the bad "science" that goes into it and the whole idea of (alleged) AGW and predictions a millennium in the future are ludicrous on their face.

I am wasting significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide in even commenting.

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