Monday, December 27, 2010

What Has The Left Been "Right" About?

Over at Legal Insurrection, a commenter made the claim that the Left has been "right" "for long before you were born".  I've been wondering what they have been "right" about.  Let's see:

  • The Left (Progressives) gave us the War on Poverty.  It was a continuation of "the dole" and has only resulted in the same poverty we have always seen.
  • Peace through appeasement.  Didn't work with Vietnam and has not worked since.  Not with the Soviets, not with NoKo, not with Iran, not with Russia.  The only thing lowering our defenses has done is made us defenseless.
  • Schools.  The whole idea that "self-esteem" comes before learning is absurd and has been shown to be so.  Our schools are an abject failure with teachers and administrators who are in it for their own gain.
  • "Environmental Protection":  Progressives gave us MTBE and ethanol, the idea that the environment never gets better, only worse (those who are my age know that is a lie), the idea that economic success is always in opposition to Gaia.  They believe humans are powerful enough to change the climate.  They believe that solar and wind power can meet all of Earth's energy needs, in spite of the math.
  • Keynesian Economics:  Obviously.
  • Single mothers:  The idea that men are obsolete, that a woman can have a child and a career without a man was absurd from the start.  Single mothers are far more likely to live in poverty.  I am reasonably certain there are other statistics that show adverse results for the children of single mothers.
Should I go on?

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Dad29 said...

There are PLENTY of other stats on children of single moms--most of them bad. Drugs, alcohol, jail time...

Interesting, though, that the 'bad news' results do NOT apply to children of single moms whose natural father died early.