Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here Comes EPA

The Beer:  I believe it is time to start trying my hand at all-grain brewing.

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In the absence of Cap and Trade, EPA is already issuing requirements for (alleged) greenhouse gas emission reductions.  From Friday's Federal Register:

SUMMARY: The EPA is issuing a finding that the EPA-approved state 
implementation plans (SIP) of 13 states (comprising 15 state and local 
programs) are substantially inadequate to meet Clean Air Act (CAA) 
requirements because they do not apply Prevention of Significant 
Deterioration (PSD) requirements to greenhouse gas (GHG)-emitting 
sources. In addition, EPA is issuing a ``SIP call'' for each of these 
states, which requires the state to revise its SIP as necessary to 
correct such inadequacies. Further, EPA is establishing a deadline for 
each state to submit its corrective SIP revision. These deadlines, 
which differ among the states, range from December 22, 2010, to 
December 1, 2011.

Generally, states have their own air emissions (Title V)permitting programs.  EPA is saying some of these are not adequate because they do not address (alleged) GHG.

Unusually, Wikipedia has a fairly succinct, accurate and straightforward summary of the EPA and regulation of GHG.

As I have stated multiple times before, this is politically motivated science and EPA out of control.  This will be our undoing if Congress does not defund these programs.

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Dad29 said...

No wonder Rick Perry's been getting active.

Texas is on the list:

Arizona: Pinal County; Rest of State (Excludes Maricopa County, Pima
County, and Indian Country)
California: Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD
Kentucky: Jefferson County; Rest of State
Nevada: Clark County