Saturday, December 4, 2010

Give Blood, Get College

I appreciate the gesture and the desire to become legal United States citizens.  I really do.  Your parents came here illegally and you had nothing to do with it, so why should you be punished?  You're not hurting anyone, right?


There are people standing in line for years waiting to become citizens.  THEY are the ones who are being screwed here.  How would you feel if you were in their shoes?  You came here years ago, went through the process, waited your turn, only to find that if you had come here illegally, your children could pay the price just by going to college.  Subsidized by the US taxpayer.  Gosh, now THERE's some fairness for ya.

This is all for show.  Politically motivated and orchestrated.  Give a pint of blood to show what a good citizen you are?  I've given many pints of blood over my 54 years.  I never counted them, never really gave it much thought. Maybe I should be asking for....oh, I don't know....a reimbursement of my college tuition?  Six years back in my life for military service?  Maybe just a tax break.

No.  No to the DREAM Act, no to illegal immigrants and their children.  They show themselves in the full light of day and we do nothing.  

I want immigrants to come here.  Their distinctiveness becomes our own (to paraphrase The Borg).  But they cannot come here illegally.

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