Friday, December 3, 2010

H/T Gateway Pundit.  I absolutely cannot abide this woman.

Thanks, Claire.  No, really.  I mean, you went ahead and spent that $3 trillion over the last couple years and never paid for it.  And really, it's done SO much for the economy.  The won't-get-above-8%-unemployment is now the 9.8%-unemployment-is-the-new-norm.  Wow.  That's really great.  And you think you are entitled to more of our hard earned property because you and the rest of government are so incredibly inept?  You are more entitled to the property that I have earned than I am?

That tax code you complain are a freakin' United States Senator.  You can fix that tax code any time you want.  Maybe have everyone pay, say...15% above a certain threshold of maybe... $20,000.  I don't know.  Maybe get some economic growth going and more money to the federal coffers.  But nah...that's just crazy talk.  We should continue to feed the beast that threatens to consume us.  We should continue to give money to a government that doesn't respect us, that continues to force us to do their will.

No, Claire.  The torches and pitchforks are coming for you.  Figuratively.  In 2012.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

I can't abide her, either. She's totally insane.

Don't you love how she says that the taxes are actually the government's and not the people who made the money in the first place? Stupid commie cow.