Saturday, December 4, 2010

Changing The Education Paradigm

H/T: Jill at Potluck.

I receive the output of  the education factory in a work (industrial) setting and have to educate it again.  It is clear to me that the system is an abject failure.  I was struck by a couple things in this video:  First, the "Date of Manufacture" as the most important part of educating our children. Stunning in it's simplicity and setup for failure.  Why not treat the children as a "one-piece flow" system, whereby they move forward, not by their age, but by their progress.

Second, I was struck by the decline in Divergent Thinking through education.  We clearly tend to become set in our ways at an early age.  Few of us think "outside the box" at my age.

How much different (and better) can education be if we start to Change the Paradigm?

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