Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's Not Make That Mistake

I've been watching some videos of confrontations between TEA Party members and Democrats who are incensed at their presence.  There are several of them and it is usually one lefty and a bunch of people from our side.  The Lefty goes bonkers and our side allows it.  In one in particular I saw today, a single Black man is enraged that a rally is going on in his neighborhood.  It is an excellent chance to turn someone, or at least move them along that journey.  There is a risk of violence involved, but simple enough for one person to walk up to the man and begin a rational dialog.  I've done particular with a Black union member at a TEA Party rally on Milwaukee's lakefront last year.  He and other Union members were protesting.  I just engaged him.  Most people who are against us don't even know the issues.  They know what they are told by the media and others.  We cannot allow those who oppose us to control the conversation.  It is the only way we win long term.

Hearts and minds.

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