Saturday, November 6, 2010

Veteran's Day Parade

I attended the Milwaukee Veteran's Day Parade today (with Deekawife 3.0).  It was a really great day for a parade and it was well done, except for the sparse crowd.  I got the feeling that the only ones who give a $#!7 are veterans and their families.  It was profoundly disappointing.  Attending the parade doesn't make you "pro-war".  It simply honors those who did their duty, whether you agree or not.  A veteran with Veterans for Peace was soliciting for homeless vets and while I disagree greatly with VfP, I believe they are doing good with this particular cause.

The most difficult part was the passing of the "Gold Star Families".  These are people who gave up a loved one on our behalf.  I believe this is the second greatest sacrifice after that of the person killed in service.  These deserve our unending thanks.

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