Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eleven Days Post-Election

Charles Blow uses one poll to determine that Americans already have buyers remorse.  Blow and Pew miss a couple things here.  

  • We didn't vote for "Republicans".  We voted for smaller government and lower spending and taxation and we voted against the President and the one-party control of the Congress.  Obamacare and the threat of Cap & Trade and "Card Check" were very big drivers.
  • If the newly elected do not move in the direction of smaller government, we really are not going to care what party they belong to.  Recall how the GOP was resoundingly trounced in '06 and '08.  We will field candidates in the primaries and win.
  • We want Congress to work with the President when the policy is sound.  Otherwise, I'm ok with "The Party of Hell No".
No, we don't have buyers remorse.  What we have is too many "Progressives" remain in office.  That's why I'm unhappy.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Me, too. On all counts. :p

We DEFINITELY didn't vote for republicans, but it seems they might actually know that this time (unlike in 1994). But that remains to be seen.

In a way, it sucks that the moderate dems were voted out and now the radical loons are all that's left. BUT that's also good for us because they'll keep being insane, and more Americans will wake up and join in our fight.

Dad29 said...

It's fair to say that the (D) Party triggered its own doom w/ObamaCare and the cap/tax threat.

But they also did inherit a Gummint which Clinton and Bush grew, and grew, and grew, and.....

AND they did inherit a crappy economy, which was a result of all sorts of factors, but mostly US citizens' bad decisions.