Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Cognitive Dissonance (or just outright Hypocrisy) of the Left

The left is either Dissonantly Cognitive (that'll be 25 cents for that term, please - Starman pointed it out to me) or hypocritical or in denial, or just downright stupid.  As evidence I present the following (in no particular order other than as the thought occurs to me) according to the Leftists:

  • Big Government is good, Big Business is bad.  Tell that to those who were murdered by Stalin and Mao.
  • Research by industry is necessarily tainted, but research funded by Big Government, Big Environmental or Big Radical is not (see above).
  • People who come to this country illegally should be given immediate citizenship.  Those who come here legally must wait in line.
  • Anyone who criticizes President Obama or his policies must be racist and those who referred to President Bush as Hitler were "patriots" "speaking truth to power".
  • Big Government creates prosperity and Big Business only exploits "the workers".
  • The only people who actually perform work are "the working class".  Anyone who is not a union member is not "working class".
  • People are poor because they are underprivileged, while all the "evil rich" won some lottery.  Except leftists who are rich and poor people on the Right.  Poor people on the Right are that way because they are "stupid".
  • Everyone has a right to Healthcare, but no one has a right to their earnings.
  • Using X-ray scanners and pat-downs on grandma will keep us safer, but there is no reason to do so on women in burkas.
  • Christians are a threat to a democratic republic, but Muslims are not.
Feel free to add more.  There are plenty of examples.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Great post! I'll take you up on your request for more:

--criminals are only criminals because they have been abused by a capitalist pig society and resort to crime because they are hungry. Or someone was mean to them.

--every conservative viewpoint expressed in any media form needs to be "balanced" by a liberal viewpoint, but no liberal viewpoint need ever be fairly balanced with the conservative viewpoint.

--conservative talk radio is only successful because there is no liberal talk radio, and when liberal efforts fail (Air America, for instance, NYT, etc.), it's the fault of conservatives.

--everything BO does that succeeds is due to his own excellence, everything he does that fails is Bush's fault.