Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congress and the Ultimate Power in Government

H/T Dad29

For years (maybe 234 of them) we have made a sport of blaming the President for everything, even though we know that all laws, spending and regulation originates in the House of Representatives.  Congress has to confirm Presidential appointees (not, it appears, Czars, though).  It's just much easier to blame the President.  He signs the bills and he makes the appointments.  This is exactly why we need to keep up the pressure on Congress not only in the repeal of Obamacare, but the reigning in of regulatory agencies - there is no provision in the Constitution for delegating the making of law, but that is what Congress has done via regulation - the appointment and confirmation of judges and others by the President who hold beliefs not in line with the Constitution and in ensuring that there is a Constitutional Authority for legislation.

It starts now.  Contact your Congressman, Senator, state elected official and or his or her replacement and make sure they understand what you want.  Attend school board, city council, county board meetings.  Yes, it takes time...and you don't have to attend every meeting, but you have to be informed and active.  One without the other is useless.

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