Friday, November 13, 2009

A Trial In New York?

This is the worst decision any President can possibly make. But it is calculated. Holding a show trial featuring former President Bush and his administration would be political suicide. But the Obama administration, I believe is doing this to provide a surrogate show trial. Admittedly, this is not my original idea, but it makes perfect sense. The Left has been trying to discredit the Bush administration since September 12 of 2001, with some success. But with falling poll numbers and a sea change in the voting of moderates, something had to be done to take everyone's eye off the ball. What better way than to put these five terrorists on trial in a US courtroom, fully televised where the defense can call Bush administration officials (possibly even the former President himself), CIA operatives, GITMO guards and interrogators and anyone else they see fit. The secrets of US anti-terror operations will be laid bare.

This will backfire. In a big way. It will please the far-left base, but no one else. Our enemies will use this as propaganda. The UN may even use it to conduct "War Crimes Trials" against former President Bush and members of the administration. The public won't like it at all.

I go so far as to call this action by the current adminstration "treasonous".


Ordinary Jill said...

Why do you think KSM's trial will be significantly different from that of the blind cleric who's still in prison for masterminding the first World Trade Center bombing? He was convicted on Clinton's watch.

I think the decision to try KSM in a civilian court had more to do with Obama's determination to dispose of all the prisoners at Gitmo one way or another so he can keep his promise to close the place.

I don't think it will be a show trial to embarrass the Bush administration, because Obama needs to convict KSM in order to defuse opposition to closing Gitmo.

Deekaman said...

First, it's the enemy combatant argument. He has no right to US courts. TCO could dispose of the terrorists easily through military tribunals. In fact, if the Leftists would allow the Geneva Convention to take its course, this would be done already. There can be no other reasson than to provide a surrogate "show trial". If the intent is to "show the world how wonderful we are", it is terribly misguided. And when they are allowed to go free because they weren't Mirandized in the field? Then what? And when all of the US anti-terror measures are given up? Then what? There is a reason for military tribunals for enemy combatants.

Let's take this further. The rules of war require combatants to wear uniforms (Hague Convention). Otherwise, soldiers on the battlefield are under no obligation to take them prisoner.

The Blind Cleric was in the US legally. he was, therefore, subject to US laws. Further, we were not at war with terrorists at that time (note that they were at war with us, however).

Tellme: What possible good can come from giving terrorists trials in US courts? If you say, "Show the world that all are equal in our justice system", nothing can be less true. Our friends already know; our enemies don't care. This will be used for propaganda.

I'm tellin' ya Jill. This is W-R-O-N-G.

Starman said...

This is patently outrageous and an insult to all who died, and their families, on 9/11.

The Incompetent One is giving these terrorists the same rights as any U.S. citizen accused of a crime, paid for by the blood of the patriots that went before us. To do this is the height of insult and yet another reason to un-elect him and the rest of the radicals that he brought with him to office.

Let's hope to God that none of these bastards are acquitted for justice's sake, but I don't think they'd make it out of NYC alive anyhow.

Nathan R. Jessup said...

I think you all make very valid points. My fear is that Obama and Holder have become so accustomed to manipulating laws, they actually feel we can convict these men and sentence them to death while ignoring the laws of civilian court (which they should never set foot in regardless). Acting above the law, having one's cake and eating it too (whatever you wish to call it) is dangerous, illegal and against everything our constitution represents.

The liberal agenda is becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day. My thanks to each of you in your efforts to preserve the America we know and love.

Nathan R. Jessup