Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is The Republic Undone?

The American Euro-Socialists are halfway to their Dystopian ideal. A bill still has to pass the Senate; an iffy proposition at best. Even so, if there is a Senate bill passed at all, there is sure to be Big Government in the middle of your healthcare. Reconciliation is almost sure to bring us the worst of all worlds. Any "Public Option" all.....must be defeated.

The Leftists will say, "What's the big deal? Medicare is nothing more than a 'Public Option', it didn't take over an industry". The big deal is that, yes, it did take over an industry. For those over 65.

It is reprehensible that AMA and AARP would endorse Socialized Healthcare. It undermines their constituents.

Any of you out there who support Socialized Healthcare.....would you give the Bush administration this much control and power over your life?

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