Wednesday, November 18, 2009


we were invited to lunch last sunday at the home of someone my wife met through some networking. Little did we know we were stepping into a den of Earth-Worshiping, Tree-Hugging, Obama-Loving Lefties. Allow me to illustrate:

Lefty: Healthcare.

Deekaman: We should all help our neighbors, but the government......

Lefty: But we don't, so the government should force people at the point of a gun to do so (OK, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea).

Rather than ruin the afternoon (they were otherwise nice people), the conversation ended there. But these were people who came from money-a couple lawyers, one of whom came from old Lake Geneva money and another who came from Chicago, a woman who never worked a day in her life an academic (at least he was a mathematician) and an artist.

Sometimes, it's good to shut up.


Starman said...

You were behind enemy lines on an Intel mission.

No intelligent life here, move on.

Phelony Jones said...

It's hard right now.

The attorney gene might have been kicking in, too.

You heard it here first. I'm (maybe temporarily) losing my ability to keep debating it.

Nathan R. Jessup said...


I commend you for your restraint in such a situation. You are indeed correct when you say, "sometimes it is better to just shut up". I say this because your ability to rationalize with the liberal mind is difficult enough, let alone when that mind shuts down. If you pissed them off to that point, it would be useless anyhow.

Kudos to you my friend.

Nathan R. Jessup