Saturday, November 28, 2009

Journalism's Slow, Sad Death

Michael Gerson writes a well-thought-out piece in WaPo (via RCP) that I felt the need to comment on.

He seems to be saying that the death of journalism is at the hands of the internet. But I believe it was suicide. I believe the MSM has been dying a slow death since the 1960' (as far back as my experience goes).

Historically, news media has had it's warts for certain, but in the 60's, it took a much stronger turn. I suspect the advent of television had something to do with it; the power of television made some in the media believe they could, "change the world". Over the last 40-or-so years, I have seen the media turn the country against two wars, against a safe and large source of clean energy (nuclear power), in favor of big government and the list goes on. It's been largely done through opinion disguised as objective reporting. I can recall when every nuclear plant in the country had the first name of "troubled". Now, many see the traditional news media as the propaganda arm of the adminstration. And antics like a healthcare poem by the "esteemed" Katie Couric lend much weight to that opinion.

In the end, the news media has failed to police itself. Make objective reporting objective and call opinion, opinion. At least I can mostly count on that in the blogs.

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