Saturday, November 28, 2009

(Alleged) AGW Momentum

Leaders of the Commonwealth countries called Saturday for a legally binding and a global fund with billions of dollars to help poor countries meet its mandates. The 53-nation meeting was the largest gathering of international leaders before next month's global climate summit in Copenhagen.

This is about wealth transfer. The attendees are calling for billions of dollars to be dedicated to small island nations for relief from the "catastrophic effects" of (alleged) AGW.

"Climate change is the predominant global challenge" the Commonwealth leaders said in a joint declaration. "For some of us, it is an existential threat."

Where are any of these effects? I keep hearing that seas are rising, yet no country, no island has shown any loss of shoreline?

The document called for a "legally binding" agreement by the world's nations.

Good luck with that. I seriously doubt Americans are in any mood for these shenanigans. Not with double-digit unemployment and no indication anything will be done to help that.

I fear this is in response to the fraud (alleged) AGW appears to be. Rush the agreement before the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

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