Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rebound? Not So Much

Apparently, the economy is not rebounding as robustly as first thought.

Really? Look, I'm just a guy and even I can figure out that as long as the economy continues to bleed private-sector jobs, it will not grow in a particularly robust fashion. I fact, I expect 2010 to be no better than 2009.

Full disclosure: I recognize if the economy rebounds strongly in 2010, we're stuck with Democrats for a while. That may or may not be coloring my opinion.

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Dad29 said...

Porkulus expenditures were deliberately programmed to hit in 2010 leading up to the elections.

Yah, it's possible that the Dems will succeed with that, but there are other issues on which they can be clobbered.

And all the leading indicators are getting soft again...