Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sauce for the Goose

The Beer: I normally get my brewing stuff from But these guys here have some exceptionally cool stuff . I'm an "extract brewer", but I'd like to try my hand at all-grain. Northern has cool stuff for doing that.

The Bicycle: Between rain and mechanical problems, my mileage is almost zero. I'm not sure that's a bad thing. If it's dry, I can ride on weekends until at least Thanksgiving. I've got one ride scheduled (Maywood), then I think I'm pretty well done for the season.

The VRWC: There are so many stories and rumors around Sarah Palin. Most, if not all are already shown to be false. She fired a trooper who tased his own kid? No problem. Doesn't answer questions well in front of the media? I know a Democrat presidential candidate who can't make answers up on his feet either. Oh and questionable relationships? I'm still waiting to hear the media talking about Obama and Tony Rezko and Obama and Bill Ayres.

Probably asking too much.

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intermodal said...

I agree entirely on the Palin deal, but as I recall it was the trooper's stepson, not his son. Which doesn't help the trooper at all, but it does avoid a whiny leftist complaining that you don't have your facts straight.

As far as the brewing supplies go, I've been giving strong consideration to trying it myself. Can you recommend where to start on supplies, styles, tips, etc.? I've never brewed before but it sounds interesting.