Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Environmental

The Beer: If I'm going to make an Octoberfest, I should get after it. I've never had particularly good success with Octoberfest-style beer, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep trying, right?

The Bicycle: I'm in flat-tire hell. Two in a week plus the tube debacle. 10 miles out today. Brought a tube, but did I bring an inflator? Of course not. Almost makes me happy to see the season end.

The VRWC: Phelony Jones asked me to post a definition of "Big Environmental" A little background first. The Left loves to use terms that make people afraid of some kind of overlording, all-controlling entity like "Big Business" or "Big Oil". I've decided that two can play that game. "Big Environmental" refers to any of a number of allied Luddites opposed to technological progress in the name of the environment. The groups include, but are not limited to, Earth First!, Sierra Club (once a respectable conservation group), Natural Resource Defense Council, Greenpeace, Environmental working get the idea. They are all well funded, Leftist in political orientation, unwilling to compromise and willing to use any tactic from legal intervention to "Direct Action" (i.e., domestic terror) to get their way. They own the Democrat Party. If you are against them, then you must be against "a clean world for our children". They use, The Precautionary Principle, meaning that if there is any potential risk from an activity, it must be regulated out of existense or outright banned. It's amazing what you can find by Googleing the term. Environmentalism is a religion to them, not a science. Evidence of this is the "Global Warming Dogma". The mantra? "Global Warming is happening and there is no debate". If there is a debate, you are a "Global Warming Denier".

The hypocrisy of the Big Environmental is well documented, even in this blog. Other opportunities to turn the tables? Big Labor. Big Welfare. Big Government. Use them early and often.

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