Sunday, September 14, 2008

Owen at Boots and Sabers does a nice job of showing us how to clobber a Lefty professor.

Here's how you respond to reasoned debate if you're a Lefty:

  1. Use terms like "neo-con" and "elitist".
  2. Make sure you don't recognize your own stand as "elitist".
  3. Make sure to post, "Grin. I was only raising the question, Owen." Isn't that, "I'm just sayin' "?
  4. Challenge your opponent to debate in a public forum, "over coffee". Preferably at your academic institution where you know you will have a sympathetic audience.
  5. Call Free Market, "Corporate Welfare". Remember, you've never held a job in the private sector, but being in academia, you are, "The Great Oz", so you know these things.

So, don't challenge the position; change the subject. Use name-calling and, "I'm just sayin' ". It's a no lose.

1 comment:

intermodal said...

the worst part about these people is that you know you've won but they've done enough damage in the eyes of anyone watching the conversation to where it doesn't matter.