Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama and the Military Vote

The Beer: I had a Lawnmower yesterday. Pretty good. My wife says it's her favorite from this summers' brews.

The Bicycle: Madone tire is fixed, but my hip isn't. I strained it Friday night by, of all things, bowling on ("on"?) Nintendo Wii. Some friends just got one. It's pretty wild. I think I understnad the technology, "I gotta get me one of these!"

The VRWC: The Lefty blogs are brimming with stories that the Military vote is going 6-1 for Obama. I first heard this from the UAW Chief Steward at work. Pretty straight-up guy and Obamaton. He's voting (what he believes to be) his self-interest. But I digress. So I Googled, "Obama Military Vote" and came up with a bunch of hits on Left-Wing blogs, including that perky little girl from CBS. So does anyone know? I've seen nothing in the news either way. I'd think if it were true, the MSM would be all over it. I emailed an old Navy buddy who is still pretty connected (Army Reserve with duty in Iraq), but haven't heard back yet.



Dave A said...

Supposedly the group center for responsive politics at was the info source quoted by the perky one for the claim of 6 to 1 on the Obama donations.
The story was repeated in the rag USAToday
Talked to my kid in the Marines, he being of conservative values due to his fine upbringing stated they regularly hear from the CO'S that if they want to have the best tools to do their jobs they need to vote for the candidate that best supports the military. In other words vote your self interest.
Being a union leader i have to vote my self interest as well. That would be for business. What our fine union leaders don't realize is they are supporting a candidate that will help put them out of a job.

The poor man never gave you a job.

Deekaman said...

Thanks Dave. I got a response from a buddy of mine who is retired navy and still well connected. He says no way is the Military voting Obama.

You say it right. Wish I could convince the Chief Steward here.

Dave A said...

Once they have drank to much of the Koolaid there's no changing them.