Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Left vs. Right

Is it just me? Or are those of us on the Right more likely to hold our politicians accountable than the Left?


intermodal said...

it's true, but how many actually do so when they go pull the lever? Most on the right still go into the booth, and think, "We're screwed if we get the left's guy," and then they pull for whoever's on the right.

We really need to do a better job in the primaries, even when we have an incumbent.

Jeni said...

The right sure does hold our politician's more accountable - guess that's in part because more of us actually work hard and pay the taxes in this country and second, for the lefties it probably doesn't "FEEL GOOD" to challenge them. Plus, it also seems like "righties" actually use their own minds rather than follow some blathering socialist ideology.