Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin

The Beer: I actually had Miller Lite at my brother's place Monday. But I don't complain about free food, free beer and free help.

The Bicycle: Monday was also a day of boating and waterskiing frivolity, leaving me in no condition to ride. Washout predicted for the next couple days.

The VRWC: I'm seeing a pattern here. Any politician who is a threat to Leftist power must be personally destroyed. They did it to the President the moment he showed any leadership after 9/11 (he coulda been a contenda). Now they must do it to Sarah Palin. More qualified to be President than the Leftist candidate, Ms. Palin must be painted as incompetent and one of those gun-totin' religious-types. If she were a Democrat, and her story the same, she would be the darling of the Left and the MSM. I can hear it now: "Oh, she's so wonderful and one of the 'regular people'. She's had such a tough go of it, but look at how she's clawed her way to the second highest position in ther land. Yes, if only it could be that way for everyone. But the evil Republicans are keeping them down. Wonderful Sarah fought The Man, including Evil Big Oil and won. Oh...she's so wonderful. And with a pregnant daughter and baby with Downs' syndrome! How wonderful is our sister-in-arms!"

But she's on the Right. She must be destroyed by the hypocritical Left. More reason to despise all they stand for.

Phelony: A Big Environmental post is coming soon.

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Phelony Jones said...

chop! chop!

Oh... btw, tomatoes were excellent!