Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, Here We Are

Welcome to 2012.  Significant challenges await us.  The goal is to slow, stop and reverse "creeping socialism". Here are some of the things we need to do to make that happen (in no particular order).

  • End Obamacare and put REAL reforms in place that reduce administrative costs, put the choices in the hands of consumers and reform the malpractice tort system.
  • Reform the tax code.  The calls for "taxing the rich" are utter bullshit (pardon my French English).  Someone stated yesterday that the tax code should be named "The Special Interest Bro Code".  Not only that, but everyone needs to have a stake in this country, including the "poor".
  • Reduce spending by the Federal Government.  Do I really need to cover this?
  • Downsize the regulatory establishment.  Currently they make regulations that have the force of law and which are not authorized by Congress.  Congress gives their tacit approval, but all regulations should require an up/down vote in Congress.  Otherwise, your voice is not heard.
  • Regain and maintain control over the collusion between local governments and public-sector unions.  If they regain control in Wisconsin, we are (fiscally) doomed.
  • Vote, vote, vote.  If any of us fail to vote, we are doomed both at the state level for Wisconsin and at the national level.   This fight will never be over.  The Leftists and takers are like The Borg.  They are relentless.
Happy New Year.


Dad29 said...

Congress gives their tacit approval, but all regulations should require an up/down vote in Congress

Congress likes the current system just fine. Deniability reigns; re-elections are assured.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great plan.
I agree with your comment on voting. We must support whoever is finally chosen as the GOP candidate. Obama must be defeated or his plan to "fundamentally transform" America will succeed...forever.