Saturday, January 21, 2012

Walker Rally 1/21/2012

I attended the Pro-Walker rally today at Hart Park in Wauwatosa today with Deekawife 3.0 and "M".  By count, there were about 4000 Walker supporters on a cold day in Wisconsin.  Of course, the other side showed up (I suppose 50, tops).  On the way in, we engaged one from the other side, asking what was in it for me.  What do I have to gain?  In so many words the guy said to me, "You have nothing to gain and I really don't care".  I know you are surprised.

Shortly after we arrived, I realized I had not locked the car and since it was a few minutes before start, I returned, locked the car and headed back to the Rally.  As I approached, the National Anthem started.  Even though I was not in the park yet, I removed my hat and saluted in respect.  It was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  During this time, I was struck by the difference between the two sides; the respectful display by the Walker supporters and the vuvuzelas and the obligatory chants of "Hey, Hey,  Ho, Ho..." by the other side.  The vuvuzela continued to play throughout our Rally in an attempt to distract.  Again, not surprising.

To me, the highlight of the afternoon was a young man named Jared Madden.  He was articulate, funny and well spoken.  And 16 years old.  He told us what it was like to be a conservative in a high school in America and in particular what it must be like to be the sons of the Conservative Governor of a deeply divided state.

We engaged a couple protesters at the exit and had a good, rational discussion with one of them.  He put forth some valid concerns, which we discussed and I will have to evaluate his claims.

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