Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fundamental Flaws in Fundamental Fairness

The new drivel coming from the Left is that the rich didn't get that way all by themselves, consequently it's unfair that the rich are that?  Why, they received the benefits of other people's labor, of infrastructure provided by taxpayers, the safety of the police and fire departments, the country was defended by the tax-payer funded military.

But the rich have already paid for that "assistance".

  • They provided a good or service from which others benefitted through purchase (yes, even the Chia Pet).
  • The rich paid taxes themselves.  15% of $10 million is far more than I pay at 25% of my meager earnings.
  • Others were hired and paid to perform work and they consequently paid taxes.  I suppose if you wanted to, you could claim those taxes are actually paid by the employer, since if the income taxes did not exist, that amount could be part of the employee's salary.
  • Anyone who has been involved in a business in which new or upgraded infrastructure is required knows the business often pays a fee for that infrastructure.
  • That rich person assumed ALL the risk of the business (unless, of course you are in bed with the Administration).
  • The employer (yeah, the rich guy) funds 1/2 of his employees social security and medicare.

I  think it is safe to say the debt is paid.

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