Saturday, January 7, 2012

Business, Unemployment and The #Occupier

This week, the complicit MSM touted the "improvement" in unemployment.  Completely, totally and in all other ways parroting what they are told by the #Occupier of the White House, the MSM spoke glowingly and uncritically.  One headline even proclaimed Obama a "job creator".

It's a lie.

Townhall shows that the participation rate is still around 30-year lows.  Population is increasing faster than the increase in jobs can absorb those returning to and those initially entering the workforce.  But, if you hide that 4 million, it's real easy to say "things are getting better".  Why will they not get better?

  • While retailers had a good Christmas, I believe it was because consumers increased their debt, not because people suddenly had a bunch of cash to throw around.
  • The price of petroleum is expected to "necessarily skyrocket" since we still have not substantially increased our production or refining capacity in this country, the #Occupier continues to block the pipeline from Canada and we are unwilling to confront Iran (I argue the battle of Hormuz will be short and Iran will never again venture into the open ocean.)
The #Occupier believes he can use the force of his personality to get business to hire.  He can't.  Outsourcing jobs has been a bipartisan effort.  The Democrat fealty to social engineering such as the minimum wage (wow, are people snowed on this one) and the GOP complicity in regulatory and tax policy has driven business and industry off-shore.  Plain and simple.  If a business cannot make a profit in the US due to costs of labor, regulation and taxes, it has two choices.  Go "toes up" or move someplace where at least one of those is cheaper.  Government has done a fantastic job of making this country unfriendly to business.  If tax and regulatory costs were lower, labor costs would be less important.

Get government and The #Occupier in particular out of  the way and we will again flourish.  Common sense regulation, low taxes, and cheap, reliable energy will do the trick.


Dad29 said...

....retailers had a good Christmas...

I watch Kohl's.

They had a very bad Christmas (same-store).

Not a good sign. If they repeat that same-store decline twice more, it will be just like 2008's Kohl's signal.

You know what happened next.

Deekaman said...

I am pretty certain we are headed back down. With gas expected to reach as much as $4.50 a gallon and a still very low participation rate, I just don't see improvement. The #Occupier well bypass Congress and order Fannie and Freddie to forgive at least part of underwater mortgages. That will not help the home market. MACT is going to kill the energy industry. All I can figure is the Administration wants to nationalize energy and this is the way to do it.

It'sgoing to get ugly.