Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scott Walker Recall and Private-Sector Unions

I work supervising a union shop.  UAW to be exact.  Were it appropriate in the work setting, I would ask union leadership what they thought they would gain from the recall of Governor Walker.

As I see it, private-sector unions are cutting their own throat here.  If we go back to the days of taxes routinely raised, of State high deficits and debt, of business unfriendly environments, private-sector union jobs will be the first to go.  I assure you my employer will start to move their jobs elsewhere.  It has already been indicated that there is some work earmarked for elsewhere if we can't keep costs down.  A return to the "days of yesteryear" will ensure that I cannot.

I can't say who I work for, nor what the union local is, but I may have to take my Chief Steward out for a beer and explain it to him.  He's not a bad guy and he seems pretty reasonable.  I think.

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