Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Piers

Or a Pair of Docks.

Does anyone else the paradoxes of our time?  
  • We buy energy and raw materials from our enemies because we don't want to "destroy the environment".  
  • The government believes every citizen should be required to buy health insurance, but no one should be required to prove they are a citizen.  
  • The union-supported, far-Left directed and government applauded #Occupy movement is a grass-roots organization, but the TEA Party movement (at least the one I joined) that started with a woman putting an ad in the paper and getting permission to use the parking lot at a strip mall is "astroturfed".  
  • All research funded by the government is above reproach, but any research funded by business and industry (except for the "green industries") is necessarily tainted.
  • Public schools are being destroyed because they don't get more money, but when they get more money, they produce no better (and often worse) results.
  • Only union members qualify as "working folks".

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