Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words and Meanings

We all know words have meanings.  So what do the words, "underprivileged", "underserved", "unfortunate", when used in a political sense actually "mean".

Underprivileged - This a political term get the population to believe that someone is poor because they did not have certain advantages that (by extension) those who are not poor - and therefore "privileged" - have.  But the truth here is that everyone has the same K-12 public education opportunity.  For most of us, our "privileges" stop  there.  The rest is a result of hard work and a break here and there.  Why do some not succeed from there?  You know the litany of reasons and excuses: family breakdown, lousy schools, not all that smart, lazy, "different learning styles (they exist, trust me)".....  But the fact is, none of these things extend from "privilege" or lack thereof.  (See "unfortunate")

Underserved - As in "underserved communities".  Politically, it means some type of government largesse and infers that others are "served" and "overserved".  By why is government serving much of anything in any community?  Fire and police, schools (I suppose), trash pickup, for those who do not engage their own contractor, maybe water and sewer should be about the extent of it (yes there may be more, I don't feel like listing every one).  But "underserved" generally does not mean that type  of service.  It more often refers to government programs like "midnight basketball", not essential services.

These are the types of  terms we Conservatives have to stop using.  Let's call it what it is.  Terms like "underprivileged" imply a lie that cannot be allowed to continue.

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