Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Climate Extreme Index"?

This doesn't pass any common sense test..  And it is reported by the government-run, sock-puppet media with no critical analysis at all.

NOAA, apparently in conjunction with IPCC has decided, based on 40 years of data that cases of "extreme weather" have increased by using the dollar value of damage.  But as far as I can tell, they have failed to normalize for two things:  the rate of inflation and population density (except in passing).  The rate of inflation goes without saying.  According to the Census Bureau, population density in the US has increased from 57.5 to 87.4 people per square mile.  That's about a 60% increase (if I did my math correctly).  So one would expect an increase in the cost of weather-related damage to approximate the increase in population density, right?  The NOAA report also fails to mention that the number and intensity of hurricanes have not increased.  Further, there is peer-reviewed research indicating "extreme weather" has little to do with (alleged) Climate Change.

I again challenge the warmistas to tell me what the optimum climate looks like and explain how current conditions vary from natural variability.

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