Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Beer:  Subjected friends to Bad Santa and Wee Heavy last night.  The claimed to love both.

The Bicycle:  Thanks to donations and yard sales, I have bicycles to take to BFG and family at Christmas.  Far better bicycles than the one I took BFG a few years ago.

The VRWC:  Neo was linked up at PJ today regarding The #Occupier's Kansas speech.  It's a great post deserving of your reading, but what really caught my eye was a comment from jd:

The problem with the Obama Speech in Kansas was the same problem with every speech he’s given since he came on the scene in 2004. It was essentially the same ideas in the same format with different words.
Some time ago I put together my own synthisis of his Teleprompter Fare in what I call;
The Barak Obama Do It Yourself Speech Kit:
Preamble: this must consist of varying portions or iterations of the following; [Place in any order you choose]
“Folks are hurtin’.” [This must be said with feeling, to show caring.]
“We have to invest in the future.” [Translation; Spend Spend Spend!]
“We need a balanced approach.” [Remember, this means Tax Increases so make it sound reasonalbe.]
“My hope and expectation is that we can put country before party and get something done for the American people.”
[This is the crux of the speech, this is where it is emphasized that any disagreement is tantamount to Treason.]
[At this point it is important to have an agenda list that will consist of proposals. Use the following skeleton to introduce each of the agenda items.]
— Obama Introduce a Subject on the Agenda —
“Some would say…” [Insert here a quotation of something No One ever says.]
“let me be perfectly clear…” [This is the place for obfuscation about the subject and any position regarding the subject.]
“We cannot simply just…” [This is where you mention something that would inspire the American People if mentioned by a Republican politician, i.e. "we cannot simply just drill for all the oil we need."]
“make no mistake about…” [Here is where the Exact Opposite of any of the things which are to take place are stated.]
“I reject the false choice that some would…” [Again, reiterate quotations that No One has ever said followed by Him vs. an idiotic extrapolation of any Republican position.]
“I have ordered my team to…” [Doesn't matter what actions you fill in here, they aren't going to do it.]
— Repeat as needed for new subjects —
Then, in closing you must include a reference to the Bush Administration and “The Failed Policies of the Past.” that we cannot go back to.

It has always been stupefying to me that so many fail to see that he is neither a "great speaker" nor is he genuine.    He reads platitudes from a teleprompter.  Hell, Deekawife 3.0 can do that and she HATES speaking in front of a crowd.  (Just sayin', Honey)  But it has dawned on me today that this the same condition that made many (especially ESPN) believe Donovan McNabb was anything other than a serviceable quarterback in the NFL.  McNabb had talent, no doubt.  One does not reach the NFL without it.  Be he wasn't the second coming of Johnny Unitas, either.  

It is nearly impossible for some to evaluate a person of color with the same set of criteria with which they would evaluate a White person.  For that matter, these same people have the same problem evaluating women.  It really shouldn't matter.  McNabb was probably on a par with Don Majkowski.  Given the right team and right circumstances, a Super Bowl ring was possible.  But neither was going to carry a team on his shoulders and win through force of will.  And keep in mind that Majkowski played for horrific Packer teams and finished his career with Detroit.  McNabb played for a contender nearly every year.  As a speaker, Obama is no different.  He is completely untalented and becomes easily flustered without a teleprompter.  His knowledge of facts is non-existent.  Unscripted, he will say what he really believes in the words that remove the mask and reveal his true intentions.

Those who cannot objectively evaluate all people are racist and sexist by definition.  Those who think The #Occupier is a great speaker or even a serviceable President are the worst.

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