Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Kathleen Falk Who Is Being Dishonest

The Beer:  The Pumpkin Ale is kegged and the Winter Ale is in the secondary fermenter awaiting my attention for bottling.  I have those plus my Arrogant Bastard clone, Cherry Wheat, Mead, Hard Apple Cider, Winter Saison, Scottish Wee Heavy and Bad Santa at my disposal.  Come on over.  There is plenty to share.

The Bicycle:  Once I get past a few physical maladies (none serious) I plan to get re-fit to the Madone and get it up on the trainer.  Spring isn't that far away.

The VRWC:  The liar here is Kathleen Falk, though that should not surprise anyone.  She's a Democrat and she seems to be planning a run against Governor Walker in the recall.  The recall is not yet a foregone conclusion, but I suppose they can get enough signatures to overwhelm the system and make it happen.

Falk claims Walker was not honest in his campaign.  Here, Politifact makes very clear Walker's plan to revive QEO.  In addition, this flier from WEAC again makes clear what he had planned for teachers and public employees.

Falk makes claims regarding healthcare and children that are completely unsubstantiated.  While Politifact rates Walker's statement as false here, it also makes clear that Falk's statement is equally and perhaps more diabolically false.

It is the Democrats who have pit neighbor against neighbor and family member against family member by by raping the taxpayer through collusion with local governments and lying about while trying to recall the governor so they can do it again.  They can't help themselves.

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