Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need a New Chainring

The Beer: This could get interesting. Film at 11 (Kentucky Fried Movie reference, as if you've seen it).

The Bicycle: My trusty steed needed more preventive maintenance (yes, it's preventive, not preventative) than I gave it. After 2500 miles on mostly the 52 chainring, the chain will stretch and result in chipping of chainring teeth. Note to self: new chain every 1000 miles.

The VRWC: It may have become obvious by now....maybe not. I'm a bit of an energy geek. I "get" this stuff. At least a lot more than the average human. Go here for a wealth of energy information. Unfortunately, if you have already swallowed the kool-aid, you either won't "get" it or you won't believe it. You'll see it as a Bush-Cheney-Big-Oil-Cartel conspiracy. But facts are facts. Unless we choose to go back to the stone age, solar, wind, biomass and other "renewables" will never make it. Do the math (oh, I forgot, most people can't do're idiots). Seriously...I have no time for people who are unable or unwilling to look at the facts, do the math and realize that the Left is all wrong. ALL WRONG! Are you listening? This environmental panacea they push can't work. Period. It violates every physical and thermodynamic law. Newton is spinning in his grave so fast, you could couple him to a generator and make 60 hertz (you have no idea what that means, do you? Do you even know who Newton was?).

Let's add something else here. The air and water are demonstrably cleaner than any time during my life. Maybe any time since the start of the Industrial Revolution. But here is the headline. But nobody mentions that this is because THEY CHANGED THE RULES! EPA recently changed the definition of "compliance". Since the air continues to get cleaner, they have to change the rules ("We have to keep our phoney-baloney jobs"...another movie reference you are too simple to understand...prove me wrong).

Many pseudo-conservatives would be all, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean you were stupid." I won't say that because most who read this are. We have failed the most recent generation. They know how to feel good about their failure and little else.


intermodal said...

The popcorn you are eating has been pissed in.

Send a new sheriff immediately!

Deekaman said...

Immediately! Immediately!