Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coincidence? I Think Not

The Beer: The Lawnmower is bottled. The IPA is to be bottled this weekend.

The Bicycle: Slowly getting back on. Set a new PR last night in my 20-mile. I should ride more often when I'm, "not feeling that great".

The VRWC: Here's a Conspiracy Theory for you:

We know that Big Environmental (use that term as often as possible) is extremely well funded. We also know that, while in the long term, market manipulation is difficult at best. But is it possible that as Big Environmental saw oil prices surge they saw an oppotunity to get the behavior they have been unable to get through legislation and litigation - a movement in the energy habits of the American people? As energy prices began upward, Big Environmental pushed for greater use of ethanol. As energy prices continued to climb, is it possible that Big Environmental used their gigantic funding to help artificially inflate the price of crude? It gets blamed on speculation by hedge funds, increased use in China and India and lack of refining capacity (also courtesy of Big Environmental), nobody "follows the money" and Big Environmental has their behavior change. All at a huge cost in jobs, food and third-world starvation. Reduces the "population bomb", too.

Oh, while were at it, the phenomenon formerly known as "Global Warming" (now "Climate Change" because the warming has ceased) made it cold enough over the past 12 months that crops are late or stunted or nearly non-existent. Hmm.

But it's all just Conspiracy Theory. Big Environmental wouldn't do that....would they?

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