Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Energy

The Beer: Had a Lawnmower last night. It was awesome.

The Bicycle: Didn't feel much like riding last night, but I got up and went anyway. Figured, "base miles". I was within about 1/2 mile of the house and had a flat. Called my bride and she picked me up. It was all good ('cept changing the tire).

The VRWC: I'm probably boring you to tears with this energy thing, but that's kinda too bad. We're busy drinking the "renewable energy" Kool-Aid and I aim to stop it single-handedly if I have to ("....Redneck. You are talkin' to the duly appointed Sheriff of Rock Ridge.")

I went to this site to calculate the solar energy that lands on my roof every day. They are trying to sell various solar energy systems. Great. I filled out the on-line information and it came back telling me I could get a solar (photovoltaic) system for the low-low price of $73,383 after rebates ($94,500 before), at a monthly payment of $464 over the next 30 years and an annual average utility savings of $2229 (I'm thinkin' it should be an annual savings of $3000 for that kind of money). Somehow out of this, they get an ROI (Return on Investment) of 223%. What kind of voodoo economics is required to come up with that? Over 30 years, I'm paying more than I would staying as-is and I'm getting an ROI of 223%? That only works in Crazy-World.

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intermodal said...

that's provided the system even works 30 years from now, which I doubt.