Sunday, August 17, 2008

Make Up My Mind

The Beer: IPA is bottled. I'm done with the summer brewing. A friend is interested in going commercial. I'm intrigued. But I'm not quitting my day job....yet.

The Bicycle: 40 yesterday in PR time. Easy 45 today. I don't like going easy. A little bursitis in the left shoulder, but nothing like a little Ibuprofen to fix that.

A little cycling advice:

  • Lose the Ipod. You're gonna get hurt. You don't know I'm there because you can't hear me. That means we're both gonna get hurt.
  • Wear a helmet. It isn't going to save you in a massive accident, but it will save you. I'm living proof. So is my brother-in-law.
  • If the trail isn't wide, go single file. I don't want to fall off the edge because you're too freakin' busy yakkin' to pay attention.
  • Watch for traffic, car or bicycle...or pedestrian. And if you are a car or pedestrian, watch for bicycles. And if you wouldn't do it to a car, don't do it to a bicycle.
  • Be courteous.

The VRWC: Bisphenol-A Is Safe. No...really? A zillion studies were performed indicating there's nothing wrong with it, then a couple months ago one says, "maybe there is" and the entire world panics. No, "Let's take a closer look at this". Huh-uh. Full-Court-Press to eliminate it.

What has gone wrong with society? Are we that afraid of everything? We're more than willing to drink the kool-aid on very thin evidence (see "Global War...."er..."Climate Change"). Even when the all-knowing, all-caring government weighs in and says stuff is ok, we want to believe the worst. Why then, do we believe when the government says something is bad? We have completely lost any ability to look at a situation rationally and come to a rational decision.

Wake up. Pay attention. You might learn something

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