Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Beer: The Lawnmower is in the secondary and should bottle this weekend. The IPA still has another week to capture the bitter, citrusy goodness of Cascade Leaf Hops. I have a request to start my winter brewing. Some of the deer hunters at work have offered a Deer-for-Beer deal that I have a hard time refusing.

The Bicycle: Weather, after-work committments and a poor reaction to a new medication thwarted my efforts to get out on what may have been the nicest week all summer. I'll get out today, sore though I may be. Which is a nice segue into what I did last night.

We had a Team-Building exercise "at work" last night. The reason it was "at work" is because it wasn't "at work". At about 5:30, my bosses staff (that includes me) gathered at Road America for some go-karting. 6.5 HP Honda Engine on a go-kart. 50 mph max over about a 1/2 mile track. Wow. I'm still sore. Three go-rounds of nine laps each. Our ages range from late 30's/early 40's to 56. I'm second-oldest at 52. I had no idea how much effort was required to really race a go-kart. The first round was practice and I got a late start (last in line at the start. They got me out the gate so late that the guy in front of me was out of the first turn already). The second and third rounds went much better. No crashes, no spin-outs and finished third and second. I have to admit, my upper body is still a little sore. A little bruising in the ribs. Or Maybe that's all from dinner.

After the event at Road America, we drove up to St. Anna to a (very popular) place called Schwarz's. We waited about an hour-or-so, but the beer was good (and the boss was paying). The meal was worth the wait. Prime Rib (King's Cut, of course-with some left for lunch today). Medium Rare. Best Ever. Eight of us got out, with cocktails, at $325 before the tip. No wonder the place is popular. I might add that they have the most attractive staff in the state. The trip home was about an hour and I rolled in after 11. Well worth it. Much better than those other "Team-Building" thingys. You know: "Ropes Courses", "Trust-me-to-catch-you" crap.....

The VRWC: I was going to talk about automobile emissions testing, but I've bored the you-know-what out of you at this point, so I'll take it up later.

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