Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong Here

The Beer: A taste of the Lawnmower indicates it's going to be a nice beer for the end of summer. IPA will bottle over the weekend. I hate cleaning bottles.

The Bicycle: I'm back in the saddle and doing well, but the Madone needs a bath. Really bad.

The VRWC: This is not completely accurate. Nor is it accurately complete. I'm not against solar power. At all. But let's be truthful about it. OK, it will generate 800 megawatts. But for how many hours? Just prior to sunrise, it will generate a big, fat zero. That value will rise throughout the day to something less than 800 megawatts most days, since the 800 megawatts is based on the optimal (MPB - is that correct use of the word?) sun conditions. One cloud, anytime off the Summer Solstice and the sun at other than apogee, the output will be less than 800 megawatts. But the purveyors of this tripe have to make it look as good as possible, so the consumer doesn't know what a big, steamin' pile this is. That is made clear by this comment: "The companies said they were forbidden by contract terms to talk about price, and a spokeswoman for Pacific Gas & Electric said her company was trying to obtain the best possible deal for ratepayers by not telling other suppliers of renewable energy what it was willing to pay." That type of contract wording would never fly with another technology. Build a nuke, and that price has to be blasted over the pages of every newspaper in the country and touted on TV as an indication of what a gigantic failure it must be. No, the only reason for not giving rate payers the price is because they would scream bloody murder when they found out how badly they were getting ripped off.

And the 12.5 square miles of land (read that as "habitat")? How did that ever get past the Environmental Impact Statement. In California, you can't build a shed on your own property without the do-gooders telling you "no" because there is an insignificant "endangered specie" nesting within 100 miles.

This is misleading at best and hypocritical at worst. Either way, electricity is going to get more expensive in California.

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