Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Obama Wins in 2012...

And the Democrats take  the House and hold the Senate.

  1. The Republicans play by "rules" while the Democrats do not.  The Butch Cassidy rule:  "There are no rules in a knife fight".  Republicans think this is all collegial and stuff.  It's not.   Politics with the Democrats is hard ball, take no prisoners stuff.  There are no rules.  Opposition research means figuring out how best to spin it in a manner that makes the opposition look the worst.  For weeks, Democrats have been calling for Romney's tax returns and Romney fell for it.  Now they are beating him to death with it.
  2. Republican money is tapped out.  Money flowed from everywhere to Republicans in 2010.  It flowed to support Republican judicial elections and recalls in Wisconsin.  It flowed into the coffers of candidates for primary elections.  The tank is empty.  
  3. Paulbots.  Ron Paul supporters who would otherwise vote Romney are staying home  because their guy got shut out.  Romney is far from the perfect Conservative candidate, but he is the candidate.
  4. The media.  It has been in the tank for the Leftist candidate every election since Nixon, but never like this.  At least for Carter/Reagan, the media gave lip service to vetting Carter.  In 2012, the media demands every detail of the Republican candidates from Cain and Huntsman to Ryan and Romney.  But they have never vetted Obama.  Not even a little.  When D'Souza finally handed them a documentary, they ignored it.  No investigation, no questioning.  Nothing.
  5. The 47%  They'll vote Obama by a huge majority.  The permanent entitled class has nothing to gain and everything to lose in an Obama loss.  Further, Seniors have been frightened into voting for Obama by the Big Lie.  A vote for Republicans means a vote to lose Social Security and Medicare.  Never mind that Republicans are the only ones with a plan to save them both.
  6. Republicans are unwilling to hammer on illegal wars in Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Libya.  They are unwilling to confront Obama's horrible foreign policy.  They are unwilling to bring articles of impeachment because "the Democrats control the Senate".

By my count, the Republicans are doomed until they solve their messaging issue.  Until they articulate a clear and concise message that the American people understand,  they are done.  Until Republicans in Congress circle  the wagons around their own and until they fight back against the bully pulpit they will always be in the minority; "The Party of Stupid".  They have had chance after chance and they keep screwing it up.

Doomed.  Doomed, I say.

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